Time to find out the facts of Leafletgate

Call LW cynical but previous experience tells us that when odd things happen in Tower Hamlets, especially odd electoral things, either nothing happens or very little happens very slowly.

To save us all the wait to find out the facts of Leafletgate this letter / email has been sent this morning.


DCLG Commissioners, Tower Hamlets Council
Head of Paid Service, Tower Hamlets Council
Returning Office, Tower Hamlets Council
Electoral Commission, 3 Bunhill Row, EC1Y 8YZ
Metropolitan Police Service, New Scotland Yard

I am writing in relation to an incident I witnessed on the Green Bank Estate, Wapping, E1W on Saturday 16 May 2015 at around 10.30am.

I documented this incident immediately afterwards and you can see the text, photographs and video I made on my online publication Love Wapping (www.lovewapping.org).

At my home address a Tower Hamlets Homes newsletter was pushed through my letterbox and inside this was party political election material for Ms. Rabina Khan relating to the Mayoral election.

I then watched for a period of approximately 30 minutes as the gentlemen in question posted both Tower Hamlets Homes newsletters and election material for Ms. Khan through the letterboxes of multiple flats on the Green Bank Estate.

When I approached this gentleman and asked for a leaflet he only gave me a Tower Hamlets Homes newsletter.

After asking my friends and neighbours I believe that every one of the flats on the Green Bank Estate had the Tower Hamlets Homes newsletter and election material delivered to them and from other reports have reason to believe that many other Tower Hamlets Homes properties in Wapping also had the same leaflets delivered by the same person.

I informed the Metropolitan Police Service of these events at the time and have given them a witness statement and the leaflets I gathered.

In the light of the recent judgement by Commissioner Mawrey in the matter of Erlam v Rahman I would be grateful if you could provide both myself and the other residents of the borough answers to the following questions:

1. Were individuals or an organisation paid to distribute Tower Hamlets Homes leaflets on the day in question? If so please provide details of the distribution company.
2. Was this person a Tower Hamlets Homes or Tower Hamlets Council employee?
3. Has the identity of the gentleman who distributed these leaflets been established?
4. If he has been identified was he acting as an individual or was he paid by an organisation? If he was paid who by?
5. If this person was not an authorised distributor of THH leaflets how did he obtain so many copies of the THH newsletter?
6. Who supplied this individual with the copies of the THH newsletter?
7. The results of any enquiries either Tower Hamlets Homes or Tower Hamlets Council have made with regard to this matter to date
8. Do the acts of this individual and or organisation consist of an election offence under s111 of the Representation of the People Act 1983?
9. Does this incident mean that there has been any breach by Ms Khan or any other Councillor of the Code of Practice for Councillors?

Please note that any reply will be published on Love Wapping as this is a matter of public interest.

Many thanks,

Mark Baynes




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