THF canvassers up to their usual tricks in Limehouse

New allegations have been made that members of Rabina Khan’s canvassing team have lied to obtain access to a residential apartment block in Limehouse E14 today by claiming they were working for “Tower Hamlets in a normal political capacity”.

If this is proved to be the case it would be a significant breach of the Election Commission’s Code of Conduct and that pesky law thing that some politicians tend to ignore when it suits them.

Rabina Khan

Another letterbox, another Rabina Khan leaflet

According to a resident of Ingot Tower in Limehouse, at 12.30 today Tuesday 26th May he found a Vote Rabina Khan leaflet pushed through the letterbox in his apartment at Ingot Tower.

Silver Wharf apartment complex, Limehouse
Silver Wharf apartment complex, Limehouse

Ingot Tower is part of the Silver Wharf complex in Limehouse E14 and can only be accessed by residents, visitors have to get past security staff at reception.

Security at the Silver Wharf is very good and the staff diligent. The resident – who has asked not be named for obvious reasons – asked security what had happened.

Working for Tower Hamlets in a normal political capacity

The explanation was that three Asian males asked for access to the apartments and were challenged.

The three males informed the security officer that they were distributing election material.

The security officer refused them access.

At this point the three men insisted that they were “working for Tower Hamlets in a normal political capacity” and they were as such authorised.

Still not convinced the security officer asked for some form of identification.

The men then produced a document which had details of every registered owner in the block. [Note: This description fits that of the unedited electoral roll which is made available to candidates for canvassing purposes.]

“Working for Tower Hamlets council”

Presented with this official documentation the security guard let the men go about what he believed was legitimate business on behalf of Rabina Khan Tower Hamlets council – and who can blame him?

Update 17:16 During a telephone interview with the security officer he confirmed that he allowed the three men access to the block because he was under the impression the men were working for Tower Hamlets council. At no time did they state that they were distributing leaflets for Rabina Khan.

He had done his utmost to prevent the distribution of the electoral leaflets but when faced with three men stating that they were “working for Tower Hamlets in a normal political capacity” and as such authorised to distribute the leaflets on behalf of Ms. Khan so he believed them. As would the vast majority of law abiding residents.

CCTV is used at Silver Wharf and hopefully images from this will be used to identify who these people are and who they work for – although as their sole purpose was to draw attention to their employer it should not be too hard to do.

Any response to this Ms. Khan?


Metropolitan Police informed

The Metropolitan Police were immediately informed via 101 when the Limehouse residents realised what was going and a police enquiry is already underway.

Burglary artifice

The manner in which the three canvassers lied to gain access to the block is the same as that used by some burglars – ‘housebreaking by artifice’ or gaining access to premises by deception, in this case as bogus canvassers although more frequently as bogus window cleaners who bluff their way into your house then nick your property.

Talk to any canvassers working for those political parties that do obey the law – Labour, Conservatives, Lib-Dem, Green, UKip, Red Flag – and they will all tell you of their frustration at not being able to push electoral material for their parties through the letterboxes of apartments with a concierge on reception like Ingot Tower.

It seems at least one political party is not letting this get in their way.

The fact that it seems these three men had copies of the electoral roll and deliberately used this to lie and gain access to the apartments is almost certainly a breach of electoral law.

Yet again canvassers working on behalf of Rabina Khan have been caught breaching the electoral code of conduct.

Systematic and deliberate abuse of the electoral process

There is an emerging pattern of the systematic and deliberate abuse of the electoral process by the Tower Hamlets First / Independent party of Rabina Khan and Lutfur Rahman.

Limehouse this week. Wapping last week. And almost certainly the rest of the borough of Tower Hamlets every day of every week.

Much noise is made by the authorities of how the voting process is will have extra security on election day and how the count will be undertaken within a ring of steel.

Nothing is being said or done about the blatant abuse of the democratic process which is happening every day.

Is there one rule for some in Tower Hamlets and one rule for another? If anyone knows let us know.

Appeal for information

The behaviour described above is almost certainly to have been repeated all over Limehouse today. If you have witnessed this or have a similar story to tell please inform the Metropolitan Police via 101 and or check this previous LW post on this matter.

Oh and let LW know too please! hello[at]lovewapping[dot]org should work fine.





5 thoughts on “THF canvassers up to their usual tricks in Limehouse

  1. To be perfectly fair to THF it is a disgrace concierges and porters, who often don’t understand or care what an election is, can stop leafleters issuing important information about an election to voters. The voters in these blocks then say “We never hear from the political parties, they don’t give a stuff about us”

    1. The porters and concierges are only doing their job, but i agree that a significant number of registered voters are unreachable by political parties. However most of the political parties do not stoop to deception to gain access.

    2. I would think it is the residents of the blocks who instruct the porters and concierges as to what can be delivered and what can’t? A simple way would be for any political canvasser to leave some leaflets with the porter.

  2. Hackworth and priestman points in bow also have these leaflets in the letter boxes , appeared over the weekend probably sunday as no “security” on

    1. Thanks Rob, if residents believe that people gained unauthorised access to deliver these leaflets they should report their concerns to the police immediately using 101.

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