Rabina Khan, Greenbankgate, THF, Lutfur and that cab fare

This is in response to an email from Cllr. Rabina Khan to a recent post  ‘Same faces, same party, same scam’ (4th May 2015). Ms. Khan is Tower Hamlets First Independent candidate in the re-run of the 2014 Mayoral election which was voided by the result of the election petition and removal of Tower Hamlets First from the register of political parties by the Electoral Commission.

Dear Ms. Khan,

Thanks for your email of last week which I reproduce below:

Thanks for your enlightening piece on me posted on Love Wapping recently. It contained information about me even I didn’t know!

For instance, the idea that I ‘oversaw the enquiry’ into what you refer to as ‘Greenbankgate.’ Would you please remove this unsubstantiated allegation from your website as I did not oversee the investigation. You can verify this with the Council’s legal monitoring officer.

Many thanks,


I must apologise for taking so long to publish your email and reply but I have just started another data investigation into the corrupt misallocation of grant funds by the recently deceased ’Tower Hamlets First’ administration and have been a bit busy.

It’s amazing where that money ended up.

Anyway, to your point. So you are saying you did not oversee the investigation into ‘Greenbankgate’?

If you what you say is true then the question is why not?

As Cabinet member for Housing & Development in the Rahman administration you were in charge of all things housing in Tower Hamlets. You were aware of the events when the three mysterious ladies came a knocking on the door of LW HQ as it was, apart from the investigation(s) brought up in Council. Weren’t you interested in what was going on?

Kept in the dark

Apart from the fact that this happened on a Tower Hamlets Homes estate it also pointed the finger of suspicion directly at Tower Hamlets First. Your party.

Maybe your officers kept you in the dark?

But hey enough of all this semantics. Reality is, neither I or anyone else in the Borough believes one word coming from either you or any other member of ‘Tower Hamlets First’.

We haven’t for years. The good thing is that now, as the result of the courage of four individuals to stand up and be counted, we now have the judgement from the Electoral Petition case that proves what everyone knew all along.

Just to remind you of part of the judgement once again:

635 From those decisions, particularly the decisions above on the issue of general corruption under s 164, it follows that the court will have to report that ‘corrupt practices have extensively prevailed at the election in the area of the authority for which the election was held.’ Given the nature of THF as a ‘party’ and the reality of its control by Mr Rahman, this means that the election of all THF Councillors must be taken to have been achieved with the benefit of the corrupt and illegal practices found by this judgment to have been committed.


Another reason for not believing a word you say is the small matter of your £120 cab fare for a 1.5 mile trip way back in 2013. Here is an itemised list of your cab fares published by Ted Jeory when he wrote about this issue.

Date Fare From To Other
17.11.11 £33.35 Lindley St and Jamaica
House of Commons (With Cllr Alibor Choudhury)
17.11.11 £40.00 House of Commons Lindley St and Jamaica
(With Cllr Alibor Choudhury)
12.1.12 £11.80 John Scurr House Angel House, E14 John Scurr is opposite the entrance
to Limehouse DLR, Angel House is close to South Quay DLR
12.1.12 £11.50 Mulberry Place Sadler House
20.1.12 £83.31 Mulberry Place Quin Close, E1
14.3.12 £39.18 Anchorage House Brabner House
14.3.12 £25.25 Brabner House Mulberry Place
21.3.12 £36.58 Anchorage House Conisborough College, SE6
21.3.12 £88.26 Conisborough College, SE6 Lindley St Total of:
125.84 for this trip
28.3.12 £120.63 Mulberry Place Mile End Park The 277 Bus goes door to door !
17.4.12 £18.88 Mulberry Place Cable Street
17.4.12 £12.51 Cable Street Shackleton House
17.4.12 £15.58 Brodick Street Wickham Close
1.5.12 £11.80 Albert Gardens Newport House
8.5.12 £13.92 Leylan House Fisher House
15.5.12 £58.56 St Mathias Centre, E14 Ada House, E2
17.5.12 £13.22 Lindley St Hackney Town Hall
17.5.12 £62.81 Hackney Town Hall Lindley St Total Cost 76.03. The 277 bus stops
in Mare Street
30.5.12 £14.16 Anchorage House Byng Street
30.5.12 £12.04 Byng Street Mulberry Place Easily reached by bus or DLR from
Town Hall complex
31.5.12 £14.40 Leylan House Candy Street
31.5.12 £20.30 Candy Street Dewberry Street
31.5.12 £19.12 Dewberry Street Welland Mews
31.5.12 £11.33 Reardon House, E1 Rochester Court, E2
11.6.12 £12.04 Emmott Close, E1 Bigland School
13.6.12 £28.56
13.6.12 £22.42 City Hall Mulberry Place 7 Minute journey on Jubilee Line
from London Bridge-Canary Wharf
18.6.12 £28.62 Mulberry Place Oxford House, E2
18.6.12 £15.34 Oxford House Lindley St
19.6.12 £21.00 Newton House, E1 St Matthias Centre, E14
20.6.12 £24.51 Mulberry Place Mulberry Girls School
25.6.12 £13.69 Cheviot House Velitri House
25.6.12 £26.43 Rushmead Mulberry Place
25.6.12 £50.68 Mulberry Place Chicksand St
26.6.12 £20.06 Mulberry Place PlacePlace Stratford Old Town Hall
29.6.12 £36.44 Mulberry Place Oxford House
Total £1,088.58

Not ideal is it?

Other Councillors who were caught out in this little scam have had the good grace to apologise but not you apparently. Here is a response to a Freedom of Information (FoI) request on this issue:

SFOI 12088 – Cllr Rabina Khan taxi

“Can you tell me if Cllr Rabina Khan returned the money for the taxi ride? Can you tell me who approved it? Can you tell me which taxi company was used? Can you tell me if the District Auditor investigated it or not?

http://trialbyjeory.com/2013/02/27/cllr-rabina-khans–120-cab-for-a–1–5-mile-trip-to-the-park-bus-fare–1–35/ ”

The response is:

As for all Councillors, any requests for taxi use are approved by the Head of the Mayor’s Office or the Service Head, Democratic Services and this would have been the case at that time. The taxi company used at that time was Com Cabs.

The Council holds no record of Councillor Rabina Khan refunding the cost of this taxi ride, nor of whether the District Auditor investigated this matter.

Pick your character references wisely

Another reason Tower Hamlets residents might not be inclined to believe you is that you have some dodgy people supporting you in your bid to become the next directly elected Mayor.

Below is your campaign leaflet and no surprise that pride of place is a glowing testament to you from ex-Mayor Lutfur Rahman.

Rabina Khan campaign leaflet
Rabina Khan campaign leaflet

Don’t you see the irony of this?

You are now using someone who has been ejected from public office for corrupt practices as a testimony to your good character as a public servant.

That pretty much sums it all up.

If you applied for a job as a store detective in a supermarket your potential employers might think twice if you used a habitual shoplifter as a referee.


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  1. I can’t even laugh at this people…….They still think they can fool the people of Tower Hamlets. I am very surprised that the whole bunch of them hasn’t left the Council yet.

    Wouldn’t a statement from of this type make more sense from Lutfur Rahman…
    “I am the disgraced ex-mayor I was found guilty of guilty of election fraud and corruption in office. Rabina and others of THF de-registered party was member of my fraudulently activities within my cabinet!

    I will be putting my nomination paper tomorrow!

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