Labour holds Poplar & Limehouse and Bethnal Green & Bow

Jim Fitzpatrick has retained his seat as MP for Poplar and Limehouse and Rushanara Ali has retained her seat for Bethnal Green and Bow.


Poplar and Limehouse results

Electorate: 82,081
Number of ballot papers issued: 51,254
Turnout: 62.44 per cent

For a detail breakdown visit the Poplar and Limehouse results page on the Tower Hamlets council site.

Candidate Party Votes
Elaine BAGSHAW Liberal Democrats 2,149
Maureen CHILDS Green Party 2,463
Jim FITZPATRICK Labour Party 29,886
Rene Claudel MUGENZI Red Flag – Anti-Corruption 89
Nicholas MCQUEEN UK Independence Party (UKIP) 3,128
Hugo PIERRE Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 367
Chris WILFORD The Conservative Party Candidate 12,962

Bethnal Green and Bow results

Electorate: 82,727
Number of ballot papers issued: 53,187
Turnout: 64.29 per cent

For a detailed breakdown visit the Bethnal Green and Bow results page on the Tower Hamlets council site..

Candidate Party Votes
M Rowshan ALI Communities United Party 356
Rushanara ALI Labour Party 32,387
Elliot BALL The 30-50 Coalition 78
Jonathan DEWEY Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol 303
Alasdair Iain HENDERSON Whig Party 203
Teena LASHMORE Liberal Democrats 2,395
Paula MCQUEEN UK Independence Party (UKIP) 3,219
Jason Andrew PAVLOU Red Flag – Anti-Corruption 58
Alistair POLSON Green Party 4,906
Glyn ROBBINS Left Unity – Trade Unionists and Socialists 949
Matt SMITH The Conservative Party Candidate 8,070


Footnote: George Galloway trounced in Bradford

Bradford is nowhere near Wapping but it’s just nice to be able to report that Tower Hamlets First apologist George Galloway (Respect) has been defeated.



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