Elaine Bagshaw out and about on the Green Bank

Knock knock! The sound that LW HQ dreads! Could it be the three mystery canvassers of Greenbankgate?

Could it be the mysterious man of Leafletgate come to apologise for delivering leaflets for the ex-Mayor’s preferred candidate Rabina Khan inside Tower Hamlets Homes newsletter leaflets?

Fearing the worst LW deployed its highly trained Front Door Opening Team (HQ Branch) to find…. this!

Elaine Bagshaw, LibDem Candidate for Mayor of Tower Hamlets
Elaine Bagshaw shows off her door knocking technique while trying not to giggle.

Elaine Bagshaw, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Mayor of Tower Hamlets, knocking on doors and talking to residents.


That’s what politicians are supposed to do. Isn’t it?

Isn’t it?

Not even a single Tower Hamlets Homes newsletter. Not one. All Elaine’s papers were, well, Liberal Democrat stuff.

The whole LW team came out on the doorstep of LW HQ and had a chat with Elaine and her colleague about Tower Hamlets and just, well, stuff.

Then Elaine went and knocked on another door. And probably another one after that.

Tower Hamlets politics – never a dull moment.