BBC bans Mayoral candidate from Radio London hustings

Andy Erlam, one of the four election petitioners who risked all in the High Court to reveal the corruption in Tower Hamlets and now a Mayoral candidate, seems to have been excluded from a BBC Radio London hustings event.

Letter from Andy Erlam to BBC is below. LW would love to know if it is true that Andy has been banned from the hustings and fascinated to know why?

Letter from Andy Erlam to BBC

I am writing to you to express my concern about plans by the
BBC to exclude me from the platform for a hustings event
organised by BBC Radio London planned for 2nd June.

I am a official party candidate in the election of a new
mayor for Tower Hamlets following an Election Petition which
I successfully took to the High Court about the previous
mayoral election in 2014, which is now proven as
rigged. No doubt you will be aware of the case.

I was briefly told on Friday by the BBC about the hustings
and, although no programme of arrangements have been given
to me, I was in informed that I would not be permitted on
the platform. I was rather shocked to be told this, as
I know the BBC has strict rules about impartiality,
especially during election periods: The Electoral
Commission also has rules to prevent fairness in election

As I trust you will agree, it is wholly unacceptable for the
BBC to decide on unequal exposure for properly nominated
candidates, especially those like myself nominated by a
registered national political party. Presumably the
BBC hustings planned for 2nd June will be broadcast. If so,
The electorate in Tower Hamlets deserves listening to the
balanced broadcast from the BBC. You will know that
democracy and fairness are very sensitive issues in Tower

It has been suggested that this arbitrary and unfair
decision by the BBC to exclude me may be the result of
pressure from another political party. Personally, I
do not believe that the BBC is vulnerable to such pressures
and I would appreciate your reassures on this matter.

I would be very grateful if you could give instructions that
a fully balanced platform is arranged for 2nd June in Tower
Hamlets and that I can receive a prompt reassurance about

Yours sincerely,

Andy Erlam

Hopefully this is all some misunderstanding that can easily be rectified.



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