Wapping canal clean-up report

Another great morning cleaning up Wapping canal – many thanks to those who turned up and worked hard to make our part of East London just that little bit cleaner.

There was a wide variety of gloves on display, Machine Mart on the Highway must be doing a roaring trade in gloves and pickers! The most fetching pair were a Tesco purchase however.

One volunteer was wearing a snazzy pair of chest waders but unfortunately disappeared into the bushes before he got a chance to test them out in the canal itself.

All these 26 bags of rubbish were collected...IMG_4364
All these 26 bags of rubbish were collected…

Over 26 bags of rubbish were collected from under the Tobacco Dock footbridge – fantastic work! And bear in mind this is the second time that we have worked on this area.

...from underneath the footbridge.
…from underneath the footbridge.

Apart from this area we conducted a sweep (literally) all the way down to Vaughan Way on both side of the canal.

Lots of litter and various weird types of rubbish were gathered from the footpath, bushes and the edges of the canal itself.

Seb gets to grips with junk under the footbridge.
Seb gets to grips with junk under the footbridge.

We also spent two hours sweeping the stairs by the John Rennie statue – this gave our Wildlife Rangers (Sweeping and Dusting Division) added respect for those who sweep our streets for a living.

Steps swept.
Steps swept.

This time there were few surprise finds in terms of rubbish (apart from a Christmas tree…) but Naomi did find something interesting in the canal. A Wapping eel!

A Wapping eel.
A Wapping eel.

OK so this may not be the biggest eel in the canal but it does prove they are in there. This little tiddler was dead but there are no doubt other bigger specimens in the canal.

Update: Apparently the team didĀ find something under the bridge – “a rucksack full of burglar tools, wire cutters and hacksaws”.

Thanks to John O for this update.

Next clean-up will be in four weeks and on a Saturday. We will probably be working underneath Garnett Street bridge and around the Shadwell Basin area.

Thanks again to everyone who gave up their Sunday mornings – I think we all enjoyed being out and about.


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