Two kingfishers seen hunting on Shadwell Basin

Kevin is back! And the Wapping Kingfisher has brought a friend. Two (yes – two!) kingfishers were seen at around 9 am this morning zooming around the water on a glorious morning on Shadwell Basin.

Kingfisher reflected in Shadwell Basin © 2015 Love Wapping
Kingfisher reflected in Shadwell Basin © 2015 Love Wapping

In the (grainy) pic above you can see one of the kingfishers having a rest before flying off again.

Lee of Shadwell Basin Fishing Project confirmed that the kingfishers were active – certainly more active than the fish anyway!

According to our Wildlife Rangers (Highly Excitable On Seeing Kingfishers Team) a kingfisher has not been seen in Wapping or Shadwell since Christmas.

To see two kingfishers skimming the water in an azure blur is quite something and a reminder of how lucky we are to have such wildlife in our part of east London.

Paparazzi problems

Possibly it was Kevin’s appearance in the Times on Boxing Day that led him to a more reclusive life out of the glare of the paparazzi.

Whatever the reason for his (or her) absence he (or she) is back and hopefully we have a mating pair of kingfishers in Shadwell which is big news!

Kingfisher spotting next weekend?

If enough people are interested our Wildlife Rangers (Highly Excitable On Seeing Kingfishers Team) might arrange a special Love Wapping Wander to see the kingfishers next weekend.

Click the link below to see previous reports on Kevin in our area:

The Wapping and Shadwell Kingfishers

Update 14:47 PM No sign of the kingfishers this afternoon, think they are definitely early birds so best seen in the morning when the light is better for them to hunt.



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