Tower Hamlets First ceases to exist

The Electoral Commission has informed Tower Hamlets First that the ‘party’ has been removed from the register of political parties.

“Following the Court’s judgment in the Tower Hamlets election petition on 23 April, the Commission has concluded that Tower Hamlets First can no longer remain registered as a political party,” said Bob Posner, Director of Party and Election Finance in a media statement.

“This is because the Court’s consideration of the case made clear that the financial scheme the party was required to submit to the Commission when registering as political party had not subsequently been implemented. The Court’s conclusions mean that the party’s registration is no longer valid and we have written to the party today confirming this.”

The obvious question is exactly how Tower Hamlets First (THF) was allowed to operate and campaign in local and Mayoral elections in May 2014 in the first place.

The legal status of THF Councillors elected last year is still unclear and Love Wapping still awaits a response to its letter to the Electoral Commission regarding this matter.




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