London to be cut off from Wapping during Marathon on Sunday

It’s that time of year when the Virgin London Marathon takes place and London is cut off from Wapping on Sunday 26th. New residents will find the experience unusual.

The running route is along The Highway so best you read the extract from the official road closure leaflet which you can download (PDF) here and or read the bit about Wapping that we have just copied and pasted ‘cos our team is feeling a bit lazy this afternoon.

  • Residents of Wapping are enclosed by the route as it passes along The Highway between miles 13 to 14 and again on the opposite carriageway between miles 21 to 22.
  • Bishop Challoner School will provide a free, secure, overnight parking facility on its premises for use by local residents. The car park will be in operation from 16:00 on Saturday 25 April until 16:00 on Sunday 26 April. Access to the School is via Commercial Road and Steels Lane. Residents can leave their cars securely parked and can return on foot at any time while the road closures are in place to collect vehicles for exit to the north via Commercial Road, open eastbound and westbound.
  • Residents are advised to use the pedestrian subway at the junction of The Highway and Glamis Road.
  • In addition, a vehicle crossing point will operate while the road closures are in place at the junction of The Highway and Glamis Road, allowing entry and exit north and south.
  • Residents are advised that while there are runners on both carriageways of The Highway (between approximately 10:00-14:30) it will NOT be possible for vehicles to cross.

Good luck to anyone from Wapping who is taking part.

For those who just want to enjoy the fantastic atmosphere just wander up to The Highway. Easy.

Visiting Wapping for London Marathon

If you are visiting Wapping just to see the London Marathon then come out of Wapping Overground, turn left and right into Wapping Lane and walk up past the shops and over the canal. Just as easy.

Also remember that Wapping Overground will be extra busy.

Our official advice? Stay in Wapping and enjoy it.



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