Worst parking ever? Even for Wapping Lane.

Have a look at the photo below. It was taken outside Laksha Bay about 20 minutes ago. Notice anything unusual about the car?



That’s right. No driver.

Oh and it’s parked on the pedestrian crossing.

The driverless vehicle drew confused looks from local residents because of it being on the pedestrian crossing without anyone behind the wheel.

Look at the photo again – it looks like it should have a driver in the usual place because it looks like it has been photographed in motion. But it hasn’t.

As one lady said “I thought it was being driven by a really small person”.

In fact it was being driven by quite a tall person who just decided to leave his car there while he went to the chemists.

The number plate is Belgian we think – maybe there is only one car in Belgium so normally the driver doesn’t have to worry about blocking roads?

And no doubt Belgian school children and the elderly fly over roads so there is no need for pedestrian crossings.

Whatever the reality of driving and parking in Belgium at least one Wapping resident put the Met Police 101 number to good use and reported him.

Here is the previous incredibly stupid driving in Wapping Lane photo. 

Update: Thanks to Stacey for pointing out that the number plate does indeed spell ‘Oaf’.


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  1. Ah lovely photo! I do love the Spitfire and this one is beautiful. How lucky we are to have one on our cobbled streets!Thanks for sharing Marky!

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