Wapping Canal clean up Sunday 19th April 10 AM

There will be another clean up operation along Wapping Canal on Sunday 19th April, meet 10 AM at canal by Tobacco Dock.

With a bit of luck the sun might shine (yeah – right!) unlike our first clean up when we all got very, very wet.

Damp, muddy, but happy - our first clean up.
Damp, muddy, but happy – our first clean up.


If we have enough people our Wildlife Rangers are thinking that it might be a good idea to have a sweep right along the canal from 21 Wapping Lane to Hermitage Basin.

One Thing At A Time

There are other areas that need attention – Shadwell Basin, Wapping Woods, the canal underneath Garnett Street bridge, the green area at the back of John Orwell in Vaughan Way come to mind – and hopefully we can give them our full attention over the spring and summer months.

All welcome as ever, but please bear in mind that this is work, not just a nice morning out, so please dress accordingly as you will get dirty and muddy and probably wet.

Get Your Very Own Mr. Picky

Other things that are essential are:

  • Your very own Mr. Picky! – these can be sourced from Machine Mart on The Highway and only cost a tenner
  • Strong waterproof gloves (our Rangers like these)
  • Rubbish bags (heavy duty)
  • Brooms
  • Anything else you might think could be handy
Mr. Picky wants some new friends!
Mr. Picky wants some new friends!

Last time apart from cleaning up a good sized area by 21 Wapping Lane and Tobacco Dock we also found various items of stolen property – who knows what we will find this time?

Apart from it being a fun thing to do it is also a great way to meet your neighbours, so come along on Sunday 19th April at 10 AM and let’s see what we can do.

In addition to making Wapping canal an even better place for everyone to enjoy our Wildlife Rangers think it helps the wildlife too.

What you need and where to get it:

Note: You don’t have to get your supplies from Machine Mart of course, but they are really nice helpful people and they are local – so why not?



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