MPS Safer Neighbourhoods street surgery Thurs 12th March

Our local policing team are having another street surgery at the north end of Shadwell Basin on Thursday 12th March 2015 between 7pm -8pm.

Come and meet Pete

You can take this opportunity to meet PC Peter McCubbin who is local Safer Neighbourhoods officer for St Katharine’s & Wapping or, if you prefer plain English, our local bobby.

PC McCubbin at the Wapping senior citizen coffee morning
PC McCubbin at the Wapping senior citizen coffee morning

Peter McCubbin and his Sergeant, Jak Bentley, are keen to elevate the police profile within the St Katharine’s & Wapping community.

One way they are doing this is by increasing the previously irregular “Street Surgery” events with more frequent, pre-planned events that are advertised ahead of time, and in different formats to cater for the diverse range of needs within the community.

 A “Street Surgery” for those of you unaware, is just a fancy term for Police Officers attending at a predetermined time and place to speak with anyone who wishes to air any local issues, concerns or just to generally meet and chat. [Editors Note: No ‘appendectomy’ jokes please.]

All future Street Surgery events will be advertised online via the @MPSWapping twitter account and in shops and services around Wapping Lane. These will include:

  • The post office
  • Cinnamon Café
  • Best-One Store
  • Tower Pharmacy

There will also be notices in:

  • St Peter’s Dental Practice
  • The John Orwell Sports Centre
  • Waitrose at Thomas More Street

There will be two Street Surgery events in every five week period and will always be held mid-week. One will be held at 11am and the other will be at 7pm.

This allows us to present ourselves to those who work/live at home in Wapping and also give those who work out of the area during the day an opportunity to meet with us of an evening.

The locations of the Street Surgeries will change on each occasion. This gives us the opportunity to meet with an extended audience and potentially with people less mobile to attend some of the other events.

Pete and the team are keen for your feedback on this new approach to ‘Street Surgeries’ and so let them know either via @MPSWapping or even talking to him!

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