Election petitioner proposes CCTV coverage of polling stations.

Anti-Corruption campaigner Andy Erlam has demanded that all polling stations in Tower Hamlets are covered by video cameras on General Election Day 7th May.

Mr Erlam is one of the four petitioners who have taken the mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman to court for alleged electoral irregularities. The petition is a cross-party initiative.

RCJ verdict likely after Easter

The case has been heard in the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand for the last few weeks and closes on Friday with the verdict being likely for the week after Easter.

CCTV in polling stations

Andy Erlam
Andy Erlam

Mr Erlam (pictured left) is proposing that both the inside and outside of all polling stations should be covered by CCTV video.

“Tower Hamlets mobile CCTV cars should be stationed outside polling stations and do a useful job on election day monitoring democracy,” said Mr Erlam, adding that this would be a better use of the mobile CCTV resource than catching motorists. 

The campaigner has also asked that Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officers (THEOs), employed by the council are not involved in the election or count. 

Keep your distance

Amongst other suggestions are changes to the Tower Hamlets’ Local Protocol with a new clause that crowds be kept 50 yards away from polling station entrances and that the Protocol be incorporated into a new bye-law for the future.

He also believes there is a need for  ‘a clear list of offences that will be dealt with by the police such as obstruction and public order’.

Commander Andy Ewing
Commander Andy Ewing

Mr Erlam said that he welcomed the commitment of the new Borough Commander Andy Ewing (pictured right) who has promised improved policing of future elections in the borough.

The next UK Parliamentary general election takes place on Thursday 7 May 2015.

Which is something to look forward to…

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