Councillor Maium Miah and the Tower Hamlets Lunch Clubs

More excellent coverage of the Tower Hamlets Election Petition hearing courtesy of The Wharf.

Councillor Maium Miah (Tower Hamlets First)
Councillor Maium Miah (Tower Hamlets First)

The news story covers the testimony of Tower Hamlets First Cllr. Maium Miah (pictured left).

Cllr. Miah is of note as being elected to TH Council as a Conservative then realised that his true political beliefs were not right-wing at all and so he switched to the left-wing Tower Hamlets First party.

An easy mistake to make and full credit to him for realising his initial error.

The Wharf story from the Royal Courts of Justice is well worth a read as it touches on the issue of council funding for lunch clubs in Tower Hamlets

A good lunch and a natter

Lunch clubs are run by third-sector organisations and charities to provide a good value healthy lunch for our older residents and the chance to meet others and have a natter.

The election petitioners allege that lunch clubs were used to influence voting in the May 2014 mayoral election.

Here is a quote from Richard Mawrey QC, who is the judge in the case, when asking questions about one particular Lunch Club. Mr Mawrey asked:

“This organisation asked for £26,000, [council] officers said it should get nothing and eventually the mayor said it should get £36,000,” he said. “And we don’t seem to have any documentation for how we got between zero and the mayor’s decision of 25% more than asked for.

“Can you account for the fact nothing was documented?”

The answer? Read The Wharf.

Love Wapping has previously covered third-sector grant funding in Tower Hamlets but hasn’t covered lunch clubs in any detail.

As with any other publication Love Wapping has avoided commenting on any issues relating to the Election Petition while the case is being heard.

The Election Petition is in its final week.

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