Swan-tastic news for Wapping – again!

The Wapping Canal swans have six eggs on their nest! It seems only yesterday that the five cygnets from the last brood zoomed off, now the cycle begins again.

Shh! It’s a secret!

As ever our Wildlife Rangers (Cygnet Division) will not be revealing the location of the nest just to be on the safe side and they ask you to be discrete too.

Quite a few residents know where the nest is and, as last year, it is our job to keep an eye out and make sure the swan’s nest is safe and secure.

Turning the eggs.
Turning the eggs.


The eggs were laid between the 4th and the 8th of February according to our Rangers so we should see some cygnets around the end of March / start of April. Fingers crossed!

Swan in attack mode - note the arched wings.
Swan in attack mode – note the arched wings.



Ducks! I hate them!
Ducks! I hate them!


Dog owners should be aware that the swans are very aggressive – unsurprisingly – and if you see the swans on the canal make sure your dog is on a lead.

The swans can easily seriously injure or kill a dog if they consider it a threat.

Because we usually look down on the swans from the canal footpath it is easy to forget how big they are. Well they are HUGE! Don’t mess with them.

You may have noticed a distinct lack of ducks and other birds on the canal in the last week. The reason is because the swans are chasing away anything on the canal so seems likely the ducks have cleared off to Shadwell Basin.

Mr Burns and the Egyptian Geese aren’t at all bothered of course as they are a match for the swans in the fighting stakes.

Plastic coffee cup lid next to swan egg.
Plastic coffee cup lid next to swan egg.

The photo above is a perfect illustration of why we need to keep the canal clean and free of rubbish. It shows a discarded plastic coffee cup lid right in the middle of the eggs.

Swans and other urban birds quite happily integrate our rubbish into their nests – a Waitrose bag also features in this one – but it would be so much nicer for them and us if they just used natural things like twigs.

More news on how we can all help the Wapping Canal wildlife soon.