60 The Highway Public Consultation Event 10th February

There is to be a public consultation event regarding the proposed redevelopment of the Alan Day Volkswagen Garage/Sales room at 60 The Highway on 10th February between 2pm – 8pm.

PR Blurb

The PR blurb says: “… this will provide a new showroom and servicing facilities for VW, a small convenience shop and residential properties above. An outline planning application is being prepared and we would like to inform local residents about its content. The public consultation is being held at the VW Dealership on Tuesday 10th February from 2pm to 8pm. A flyer is being sent out to local residents.”

60 The Highway Public Consultation Event (Map)
60 The Highway Public Consultation Event (Map)

The Love Wapping Planning Department is notoriously uninterested in planning things except when they are interesting so it is with great pleasure and a huge amount of relief that shamelessly repost the information below by our one and only Pootling Paul!

Paul is interested in every planning application. Every. Single. One.

You can see Paul’s original post here of course. Written in November! So – over to you Paul!

60 The Highway – Alan Day Volkswagen Garage – Redevelopment by  • 

A request for a ‘screening opinion’ has been submitted to the council for the redevelopment of the Alan Day Volkswagen Garage/Sales room on the Highway. At this stage a full application hasn’t been submitted, but some initial information is available (notably a replacement garage but 19 storey residential:

  • The creation of a part 5, 6, 15 and 19 storey building, in addition to two basement levels;
  • An A1 retail unit of 276 sq. m (GIA) at ground floor level (a new shop);
  • A replacement car showroom and associated car servicing at ground and lower ground levels;
  • Parking for the car showroom at 2nd lower ground level;
  • Residential uses at all levels above ground (230 units in total);
  • A central courtyard at first floor level;
  • The creation of a roof garden on levels five and six;
  • Servicing and access arrangements; and
  • Parking for 215 vehicles for the car showroom / service centre with an additional disabled parking space for the residential use.
  • Parking for 462 bicycles for residents with a further 24 spaces provided for visitors and staff

Given my previous post on the Tobacco Dock Hotel, I was somewhat amused to read this:

Although there have been a number of recent planning permissions for residential and mixed-use developments in the wider area, only the London Dock development is located in the immediate vicinity.

Interestingly, the affordable housing is accessed from The Highway and the private housing down the side. I will be keeping an eye on this development.

Elevation from the Highway

West elevation

The development will have an additional basement dugout, so presumably access will need to come via Artichoke Hill and Pennington Street in the first instance, but this won’t be a problem because there’s not much traffic going down there at the moment! I genuinely feel for anyone living on Artichoke Hill, or selling a flat, because if my solicitor returned this number of significant developments in such a small area I might reconsider buying (that’s just me). I’m pleased that the garage will be retained, as it means that a few jobs will be kept in the area.


Ground floor plan

Lower ground floor

Site location

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