THF councillors storm Private Eye Rotten Boroughs awards!

Once again Tower Hamlets First councillors have done wonders for the image of our borough by winning several categories in Private Eye’s Rotten Borough Awards 2014.

A staple of satirical magazine Private Eye is it’s ‘Rotten Boroughs’ section which details the ‘goings on’ (ahem) in councils across the country that do not always make the front pages – let alone the back pages of East End Life.

Maintaining standards

Few in Tower Hamlets are surprised that members of the Tower Hamlets First / Independent / Respect / It’s-Thursday-Lets-Call-Ourselves-Something-Different-Just-For-The-Sake-Of-It-Why-Not-Oh-Go-On-Then Party consistently maintain such a distinctive standard of behaviour that sets them apart from the vast majority of elected public servants.

But somehow they do. So who are the worthy winners?

Winners every one!
Winners every one!


But who won what award? What did these scallywags do?

Well to find out you will have to spend a whole £1.80 on a copy of Private Eye! Worth every penny. Pop out and buy a copy tomorrow, it’s the 9-22 January issue with lots of nice pics of Prince Andrew on the front.

Almost like a Christmas Quiz. But not.

In the meantime try and match the proud winners above with their awards below.

Quote of the Year

“I was always confident that wild claims about fraud would not be substantiated.”

Environment Award

Twice a day the street where this councillor lives is cleaned by a £41,000-a-year ‘dog fouling removal machine’.

Bigot of the Year

Black cardigan. Need we say more?

Heroic Failure Award

He tried to win an election with one name and failed. So he tried with another name that was very, very similar to the first name he used. And failed.

Lest we forget

And remember – it’s satire folks. #JeSuisCharlie


Results and identities of the Tower Hamlets First / Independent / Respect / It’s-Saturday-Lets-Call-Ourselves-Something-Different-Just-For-The-Sake-Of-It-Why-Not-Oh-Go-On-Then Party people can be seen on the Private Eye site.


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