The first of many? Tower Hamlets Cabinet Member Shahed Ali arrested

The ever alert Ted Jeory reports that Cllr. Shahed Ali was arrested on 10 December by the Metropolitan Police on suspicion of voting fraud.

I enjoyed writing that so much I am going to indulge myself and write it again.

LBTH Councillors' Portraits - 28May14Cllr. Shahed Ali, Tower Hamlets First member and Cabinet member in charge of Clean and Green (huh? wassat?) has been nicked on suspicion of voting fraud.

Seven days ago!

A Cabinet member. Of Tower Hamlets Council. Arrested. On suspicion of voting fraud. By police officers.

So who is this bloke? Who cares?

Here is a little context just in case it does matter.

Still not a national newspaper

Over a year ago some blog called Love Wapping had the cheek to show a lack of respect by suggesting that situations where people were knocking on doors in Wapping, saying to residents that they were from Tower Hamlets Homes and then asking how Mayor Lutfur Rahman could help them [nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more] was possibly, how shall we say this nicely, dodgy.

Naughty even.

This possible naughtiness was then raised in a Tower Hamlets Council meeting by the estimable Cllr. Rachael Saunders and all hell let loose.

Greenbankgate has now become a byword for stupid names throughout Love Wapping HQ and nowhere else.

A report of the Council meeting by East London Lines quoted the now-arrested-on-suspicion-of-voting-fraud Cllr. Shahed Ali reactions to this issue.

“In the Rahman’s defence, Shahed Ali, the Independent councillor for Whitechapel suggested that one source of the allegations, local blog Love Wapping, “is nothing near to a national newspaper” and that people should not believe what they read.”

Love Wapping would like to reiterate the accuracy of this erudite and perceptive comment by the now-arrested-on-suspicion-of-voting-fraud Cllr. Shahed Ali.

Yes Shahed, Love Wapping is still nothing near a national newspaper.

And a Wapping squirrel is nothing near the size of Mr Burns the Grey Heron.

And voting fraud in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets is not a packet of cheese and onion crisps.

But it IS voting fraud!

Interesting to see that at the time the now-arrested-on-suspicion-of-voting-fraud Cllr. Shahed Ali was an ‘Independent’ councillor and now he is a Tower Hamlets First councillor.

Changing lanes

A lot of Tower Hamlets First councillors seem to have changed their minds about their politics over the years. Some radically so.

But more on that over Christmas maybe?

It is also worth noting comments by now-arrested-on-suspicion-of-voting-fraud-although-obviously-innocent-until-proven-guilty Cllr. Shahed Ali who was, along with the rest of Tower Hamlets First,  quite happy to allow nursery provision in our Borough to be decimated by voting against a motion to stop nursery closures.

He was reported as saying “The reason I can’t support this motion us because it’s asking us to totally withdraw our proposal. It would be immature to make an off-the-cuff decision when we already plan to consult on how best to provide for our children.”

A comment that might not win him many votes from parents in future elections.

Always late with the news

The question remains dear reader how on earth it has taken the Love Wapping Newsroom so long to realise that Shahed has been nicked?

A simple answer.

Love Wapping is nothing near to a national newspaper.







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  1. as ever. you are looking a bit stupid now again are you not. You should talk more about ducks and stuff that you are qualified to talk about.

    1. Dear Tony – that your real name? – anyway, dear ‘Tony’ (ahem) I assume you are referring to the news that Cllr. Shahed Ali has not been charged with any offence by the Metropolitan Police? After being arrested on alleged voting fraud? You are quite right Cllr. Shahed Ali has not been charged with voting fraud. And yes I would love to write more about ducks. What about you? Guest column for you if you actually have the balls to identify yourself? Go on – you know you want to!

      Yours, Love ‘Not a national newspaper’ Wapping.

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