Shadwell terrorism arrest timely reminder of need for vigilance

Old but interesting news. Last week 43 year old Simon Keeler of Solander Gardens was arrested and charged with preparation and assisting others in acts of terrorism, support of a proscribed organisation and conspiracy to possess false identity documents.

Keeler appeared before Westminster Magistrates with five others. All were remanded in custody.

This should be a reminder to everyone in the East End that it is our responsibility as residents to help the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and other security services fight terrorism.

7/7 London Bombings

Sound a little dramatic? Remember the 7/7 bombings and the horror of the Aldgate East bombing.

Your small seemingly insignificant piece of information could prevent the next attack.

MPS Anti-Terrorist Hotline 0800 789 321

We all need to be alert for any suspicious activity or unusual behaviour. Those of us who lived in London when the Provisional IRA were on the loose know the drill but here is a reminder for everyone.

Be on the lookout for:

  • Someone has bought or stored large amounts of chemicals, fertilisers or gas cylinders for no obvious reason
  • A person has bought or hired a vehicle in suspicious circumstances
  • Someone holds passports or other documents in different names for no obvious reason
  • A person who travels for long periods of time, but is vague about where they’re going

As the MPS point out you may think that your suspicions are silly but do not take the chance – make the call to 0800 789 321.

Specially trained officers will then analyse your report and of course treat it in the strictest confidence.

Terrorists, like all criminals, look just the same as you and I. They live and work among us. The security services can only do their job if we help them.


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