London Dock Community Fund announced

London Dock has announced a Community Fund for projects in the council wards of St. Katharine’s Wapping and Shadwell.

Most of the content below is copied and pasted from the available London Dock Community Fund documentation. Lazy? You bet. It’s Saturday.

The fund will be administered by the East End Community Foundation. You can also see details on the London Dock Community site.

The total value of the fund is £18,000 and there are three themes under which groups can apply:

  • Small Grants – grants of up to £250
  • Greening the Ward – grants of up to £1,000
  • Summer Programme – grants of up to £5,000

Applicants must be able to demonstrate that the activities will be for the benefit of communities in the wards of St Katharine’s & Wapping and Shadwell (LAP 4), that they will involve local people and that the benefits and outcomes are clear.


Grant criteria

Small Grants

One-off items such as social outings, classes and training. Applications up to £250 available fund is £1,500. Deadlines are 9 February 2015, 1 June 2015 and 12 October 2015.

Greening the Ward

The aim of Greening the Ward is to support projects that will contribute positively to the local area and community. This fund is open to applications from projects that will improve the green spaces, public areas and street environments within St Katharine’s & Wapping and Shadwell.

Capital grants are available to projects that may be focused on:

  • Enhancing the environment by engaging the local community through plant pot gardens, tree planting, street clean-ups etc.
  • Community gardening projects designed to reduce isolation and improve health and wellbeing
  • Development of food co-ops encouraging the use of locally grown food
  • Projects that teach and support community members to start growing food on window sills, balconies and gardens
  • Street or estate events to promote the use of public spaces, hold food growing competitions and to encourage social inclusion
  • Projects that utilise the open spaces in the community to promote cohesion

Deadlines are 9 February 2015, 1 June 2015 and 12 October 2015.

Summer Programme

community programmes and activities for children and young people the London Dock Development Fund will support organisations that offer quality summer provision for children and young people that will have a significant impact on improving motivation and engagement with education and work readiness, increasing personal development, increasing access to new cultural experiences and reducing the likelihood of antisocial behaviour.

Grants are available to quality projects which:

  • Provide positive activities in the summer holidays for children and young people from St Katharine’s & Wapping and Shadwell
  • Demonstrate attractive provision designed to stimulate interest in new activities and has been designed in consultation with young people
  • Are inclusive and bring young people from different communities together
  • Work in partnership with other providers in order increase capacity and avoid duplication of services

Project activities could include, but are not limited to:

  • Access to the arts and new cultural experiences
  • Activities that engage young people with their local community
  • Sports provision and tournaments
  • Courses that offer accreditation, development of social skills etc.
  • Evening or weekend youth provision for older young people

Application forms for Small Grants can be downloaded here . Unfortunately this is a Word document that contains macros.  And one of the Golden Rules of the internet is never, ever download a Word document that contains macros as this is a very common way for viruses to spread.

(We have emailed East End Community Foundation and asked them to post a PDF version. ‘Cos they are safe.)

Nice work London Dock

London Dock are to be applauded for this initiative and speaking to their team at the launch event we were assured that all funds would be allocated to projects in our area. This is in contrast to the usual Tower Hamlets Council scam of grant funding going to where it has most power to influence votes.

If the scheme works well it may well roll on, so get your applications in now and good luck!



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