Jays, Parakeets and Grey Wagtails in Wapping E1W

Spotting birds is mainly about keeping your eyes open and just watching, and if you do that you will soon see some lovely birds in Wapping.


Jays, a member of the crow family, are very shy and very beautiful birds and whenever you see one you will see the other of the pair, often following magpies around in their continual search for food.

The jays in the photographs below were to be seen on the Green Bank estate last week feeding on the ground just by Wapping Gardens.

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They are also often seen at the Hermitage Basin end of the canal.

Ring-necked parakeets

Lots of people walk through Wapping Gardens but not many look up to see the four ring-necked parakeets who live in a tree next to the children’s playground.

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Many ‘serious’ bird spotters don’t seem to like parakeets but our bird spotters think they are lovely to see. They usually carry out a swoop through the Green Bank estate most mornings.

If you can’t see the parakeets then you will certainly have heard them, their screeching is very distinctive to say the least. As the RSPB page points out, they can be ‘very noisy’.

Grey wagtail

Last but definitely not least one of the smallest and prettiest birds to be seen in Wapping is the grey wagtail. A pair live on the canal and can often been seen hopping along the waterside in the vicinity of Kevin.


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As you can see from the photographs above a grey wagtail was recently found happily hopping along the pavement by the canal.

This explains why the Wapping Wildlife Ranger in charge of the Egyptian Geese was spotted lying on the pavement to get the best possible shot.

Small wagtail, large lens.


Although we are likely to have a mild winter all birds need some help to get through the season. Check out the the RSPB site to find out what you can do to help.

And remember that this Saturday 3rd January we are having a community clean up of Wapping canal. Come along at 10 AM and help everyone who lives in Wapping enjoy their environment a little more.

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  1. I saw a Jay in the back garden here in central wapping. I thought it was some sort of child penguin signifying the coming of the apocalypse. I am glad to hear otherwise. It may be that I have spent too much of my life in the city. I shall dismantle the barricades forthwith.

    1. Thanks Michelle! Whereabouts in central Wapping? Many people think they are child penguins and, like you, immediately prepare for the apocalypse. Other people just wait for the real invasion of real child penguins and stock pile tins of fish.

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