Christmas comes early to Tower Hamlets as DCLG takes control

Today two Commissioners appointed by the Department for Culture and Communities (DCLG) Secretary Eric Pickles have now taken over control of key roles at Tower Hamlets Council, effectively neutering the Tower Hamlets First administration and putting real public servants in charge of our great borough.

Mayor Lutfur Rahman has been stripped of key powers.


Start of a long but necessary journey

The Commissioners have been named as Sir Ken Knight and Mr. Max Caller CBE.

Sir Ken Knight, the man in charge of Tower Hamlets.
Sir Ken Knight, the man in charge of Tower Hamlets.

Sir Ken is the former London fire commissioner and chief fire and rescue adviser to the Government. So he is well versed in sorting out complete and utter chaos.

Max Caller CBE, sorted out Hackney, now us.
Max Caller CBE, sorted out Hackney, now us.

Mr Caller is the chair of the Local Government Boundary Commission for England and has sorted out Hackney Council in the past. And as Ted Jeory points out Mr. Caller was once a sewer inspector. So he is used to wading through pure shit.

Funny how careers go round in circles sometimes, innit?

Both men have extensive experience of troubleshooting local government issues and will report back to Mr Pickles within three months with a plan to sort out Tower Hamlets.

They will stay in place until March 2017 and report back to the DCLG every six months. They will soon be joined by a third Commissioner.

“We are determined to restore faith in how Tower Hamlets operates,” says Sir Ken. “Local people deserve a council that not only makes decisions in an accountable and transparent way but also with the benefit of all residents in mind. Today marks the start of a long but necessary journey to ensure public confidence in the council is restored, community cohesion maintained and that Tower Hamlets is no longer a byword for poor governance.”

Most residents of Tower Hamlets will be baffled by the concept of an accountable and transparent Council that benefits all residents, but it seems that we may soon find out.

The other weird thing will be having people in charge of the Council who work for all residents and put the community first, not their own selfish political beliefs.

Strange times we live in.

Read this post by Ted Jeory for a more detailed description of Sir Ken and Mr. Caller’s careers to date.

Welcome to Tower Hamlets and good luck Ken and Max

I think it is safe to say that all fair minded residents will wish Sir Ken and his colleagues well in their mission to clear the filth of corruption from our great Borough and will be happy to help in any way they can.

All they need to do is ask.

And of course they are most welcome to come to Wapping even though it is not to be found on any of the maps in the Town Hall.

Just head for Tower Bridge from the Isle of Dogs and you will find us.

Our top tips for the Commissioners

Hear are some top tips for the Commissioners learned by Love Wapping over the last 13 months.

  1. However bad you think the situation is in Tower Hamlets it is in fact far, far worse
  2. The media reports only scratch the surface of a potentially catastrophic situation
  3. If you encounter something that is simply not credible in the middle of East London in the 21st century you best believe it and sort it out fast – with the utmost vigour and determination
  4. Remember that the honest, law abiding ordinary people of East London are behind you every step of the way
  5. If you can’t take a joke you shouldn’t have joined

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