R4 Today interview with Livingstone, Galloway & Rahman

The one morning the <heart> Wapping Political Analysis Team (Rotten Borough Branch) does not listen to the BBC Radio 4 Today programme they all miss a textbook example of how to interview politicians by Zoe Conway (@zoeconway1). Disaster.

Normally only those members of media sympathetic to Mayor Rahman are invited to his media events. This time round the appearance of Ken Livingstone and George Galloway MP guaranteed the attendance of real journalists including Zoe Galloway. (Note to Mayor’s media advisors – real journalists ask real questions.)

If you missed Zoe Conway’s interview with the three intrepid defenders of democracy you can listen below.

Good stuff huh?

At this rate Tower Hamlets First might even resort to arguing their position with facts based on reality rather than repeating tired old propaganda in the hope people will start believing it.

There again they might not.


Own goal of the evening was scored by Ken Livingstone would suggested it would be a good idea for people to find the home addresses of the three [DCLG] commissioners, protest peacefully outside their homes to make their lives intolerable.

Sounds a lot like a Tower Hamlets election. Back of the net our Ken!

The PR success of last night’s rally can also be gauged by the headlines below:

The Mayor seems to be going under the water rather than walking on it as his supporters usually claim.

Wonder what other bad news will surface in the next few days? Hmmm…. I wonder….


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