More photos of the Wapping Kingfisher – fishing!

The Wapping Kingfisher has been busy again today with a spot of fishing just opposite Tobacco Dock.

If you want to see him (or her) all you need to do is go and sit on the canal steps, watch the two bird platforms and eventually the Wapping Kingfisher will appear.

In theory. In practise you could be waiting a while. But it’s worth it.

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Photos slowly improving but more sunshine needed.

6 thoughts on “More photos of the Wapping Kingfisher – fishing!

  1. Walking along yesterday looking out for it and lo and behold it stopped for me to admire then flew round the corner and stopped again

  2. Great pics and great sighting. (Yes pretty sure well 99% that it is a male as the females have a red lower bill) My wife, who works close by told me about it yesterday so I tried this morning for a sighting but no luck, will try again ASAP.

    1. Thanks very much for that information Mike, you obviously know your subject! Light still poor today (no surprise there) but think I might wander up there in a while just to see this amazing bird.

      1. Light poor? pitch black here and pouring with rain at 10.15. Went yesterday and got some good shots but not really good pics as was dark and dingy. Working at ISO3200 and slowish shutter speed so prefer better light. If light improves may call in this afternoon as have to be Tower Area for a job at 5.30 this eve

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