At last! Funny animated GIF of cats & squirrel

All of the editorial team here at <heart> Wapping would like to apologise for the unadulterated torrent of political filth stories we have been running recently.

And if you found them painful to read, imagine how painful they were to research and write. Not fun.

By way of an apology here is a funny animated GIF of two cats and a squirrel! Yes! TWO cats and a SQUIRREL!!!



Great huh?

How on earth do two cats make friends with a squirrel? And why does the ginger cat swipe the other cat with its paw and not the squirrel?

The possibilities are endless. If you want to waste even more of your day on this sort of nonsense head over to Buzzfeed. It’s silly. That’s the point.

At last the editorial team can get back to silly posts like this instead of  –

[cheap sound effect of phone ringing]

Editorial Team: Hello. Yes. No. Yes well we thought it was funny. The Mayor of Tower Hamlets has DONE WHAT?!!!! That’s really silly. Yes of course we will run it…