Kingfisher fever continues to grip Wapping. 

Reports are coming in to our Wildlife Rangers (Celebrity Kingfisher Team) that some people have been disappointed that they have not been able to see Kevin.


This morning as the Chief Ranger was conducting a tour of Wapping canal with a group of visitors from Surrey, the highlight of which was to be a viewing of Kevin, he was stopped by a resident and asked if he had seen the kingfisher?

Precise locations were given for Kevin spotting opposite Tobacco Dock. These are:

  • On the rungs of the older metal ladder in the canal wall on the left.
  • On either of the old wooden bird platforms in the water

The Chief Ranger continued on his guided tour and immediately spotted Kevin doing his fishing thing.

The Surrey tour group were very impressed indeed.

It then became apparent that Kevin had been in full view only a minute before but had not been spotted. Why? Simples.

You have to wait.

So to see Kevin please follow these instructions at the locations given above.

  • Stop
  • Wait
  • Watch

That’s it. You just need a little patience. If you follow these simple rules you too will see Kevin fishing as pictured above.

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