Cllr. Julia Dockerill gets Wapping Lane pavements fixed

Sometimes miracles do happen. As proof of this please view the photograph below.

New paving stones. Freshly laid. Pristine, glistening in the feint sunlight of an autumnal day, they wait for the first foot print of the first pedestrian every to walk up them.

Even the postbox seems to be standing straighter, prouder, bold.

New paving in Wapping Lane. O.M.G
New paving in Wapping Lane. O.M.G

For many of us in Wapping this is an emotional moment.

Cllr. Julia 'I get pavements fixed' Dockerill
Cllr. Julia ‘I get pavements fixed’ Dockerill

No more will child and pensioner alike have to hop over the puddles that used to form at the junction of Watts Street.

And who should we thank for this?

None other than Cllr. Julia Dockerill, (Conservative) who represents us along with Cllr. Denise Jones (Labour) in SKD and Wapping.

Seems Julia had to find funding specifically for this work to be done.

Presumably there is no council budget for paving repairs in Wapping.

Highly likely as there seems to be no council budget for anything else south of The Highway.


At this very moment the new paving stones are drying under a grey East End sky, tingling with anticipation of that first tentative step.

People of Wapping, in future when you walk the new paving, possibly with your grandchildren, pause for one moment and remember: Julia got this done!

Editorial note to all politicians: Getting pavements fixed matters to people and wins more elections than foreign policy.

2 thoughts on “Cllr. Julia Dockerill gets Wapping Lane pavements fixed

  1. Hi,
    Would just like to say that only a small part of the pavement was done. There is still dangerous loose slabs outside Hussey’s greengrocers. I did ask the contractors to do something about this but they declined.

    1. Thanks Caroline I know as I am sure Cllr. Dockerill does that the rest of the pavement needs fixing but it’s nothing short of a miracle that at least they have started doing the work. And of course there is a big problem doing the pavements outside the shops because – how do people get into the shops?

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