Tower Hamlets grants compared to quality of life indicators

Tower Hamlets is not the richest borough in London. Our children have to endure some of the highest rates of poverty in the entire country. As part of the continuing analysis of the manner in which the current Tower Hamlets First administration distributes grants across wards the illustration below shows four key quality of life indicators compared to grant distribution.

These indicators are population, unemployment, child poverty and crime. The orange bar is the highest value of a category.

Tower Hamlets wards - quality of life indicators compared to grants distribution
Tower Hamlets wards – quality of life indicators compared to grants distribution

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You can see the data from which the above illustration was generated below.

Tower Hamlets Grants - quality of life indicators compared to council grants distribution

WardPopulationUnemploymentChild PovertyGrants DistributionCrime Rate
Bethnal Green North13,68312.4550.287.54%133
Bethnal Green South14,16610.4354.4811.25%155
Blackwall and Cubitt Town19,4616.5043.17.10%58
Bow East14,7819.9046.041.21%118
Bow West12,9398.4336.861.24%192
East India and Lansbury14,85918.6551.514.42%109
Mile End and Globe Town15,1908.3950.563.09%84
Mile End East13,35413.8749.575.05%122
Spitalfields and Banglatown10,28610.7953.412.84%97
St Dunstan's and Stepney Green16,23811.6047.144.29%92
St Katharine's and Wapping12,4114.2243.23.59%55

As ever the purpose of this is to provide Tower Hamlets residents with a level of transparency that their council seems incapable of providing. Have a look at the chart and numbers and make your own minds up.

What is apparent from the chart is that while levels of child poverty do not vary greatly from ward to ward 36.86% in Bow West rising to 54.48% in Bethnal Green this is in contrast to the significant variation of grant funds – 12.84% of the monies going to Spitalfields and Banglatown and only 0.62% to Millwall.

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