Save our Nurseries Campaign Tower Hamlets

A campaign to save nursery nurseries in Tower Hamlets is asking Tower Hamlets Council and the Department for Communities and Local Government( DCLG) to reverse proposed cuts that would decimate child services in our borough.

The easiest way for you to support the campaign is to sign the Save Our Public Nurseries in Tower Hamlets petition.

Done that? Good.

Cllr. Denise Jones (centre) with children and parents at a meeting to discuss the cuts organised by Christine Trumper (right).
Cllr. Denise Jones (centre) with children and parents at a meeting to discuss the proposed cuts to Children’s Services organised by Christine Trumper (right).

Save Our Nurseries campaign events

The events below are happening in the next few weeks so make sure you pop along and show your support.

  • Thursday 30th October: 12 -2pm petition signing event outside Childhood Museum in Bethnal Green, Cambridge Heath Road
  • Friday 31st October: 12pm – 2pm tea cup cake Party at Chrisp Street Market, petition signing and engaging the public.
  • Tuesday 4th November: 5-6pm petition signing at Mile End Tube
  • Wednesday 5th November: 4:30pm Cabinet meeting Town Hall

Another way is to check out the Save Our Nurseries Tower Hamlets Facebook page and give it a nice big Like.

Fabric of local communities

Nurseries such as Queen Mary, John Smith, Mary Sambrook and Overland are outstanding and a fabric of the local communities, part of the community history and cohesion. Some have been running for over 30 years, with dedicated and well trained staff teams.

All four remaining nurseries provide affordable childcare to children with different types of needs i.e special educational needs, parents on low -medium income, lone parents, students, residents that may require support and they offer the only alternative to often overpriced private sector nurseries.

Jim Fitzpatrick MP and Rushanara Ali MP visiting Overlands Children's Centre.
Jim Fitzpatrick MP and Rushanara Ali MP visiting Overlands Children’s Centre.

Closures will affect parents ability to work, study, especially lone parents. Disruptions will affect the children’s well being.

Poverty increasing

Poverty of families in Tower Hamlets is increasing and closure of nurseries will only make this worse.

Who cares? I don’t have kids!

If you don’t have children yet you might think this issue does not affect you. But if you do have children in future it will as good nurseries can’t be built on-demand.

So sign the petition and get protesting.

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  1. Hi Mark, Thank you so much for spreading the word in your community. We are having 2 events this week, everybody is welcome to join and support us. Become a steward for the day or if more time, be involved in planning, standing up against austerity. Everyone is welcome to join us on our events. This week we are in Bethnal Green, Childhood Museum, Cambridge Heath Road 30th October 12pm – 2pm , then on Friday join us for a Tea Party at the Chrisp Street Market in Poplar 12:00 -2:00pm, where we will speak with the public regarding proposed cuts. For hard work and support, all are welcome to have a tea and a cup cake, to say thank you

    Parents of Save Our Nurseries, Tower Hamlets

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