Ferraris or Foodbanks. What is Wapping about?

The Cinnamon cafe in Wapping Lane is a wonderful place, nice and quiet, ideal to have a chat with friends over a cappuccino.

I was sitting discussing community issues with a friend this afternoon when the peace and quiet of the cafe was shattered by the very loud revving of a red Ferrari as it parked outside.

Vroom vroom


A Ferrari
A Ferrari

The owner of the red Ferrari hopped out, got his coffee, then hopped back in again and MADE LOTS OF NOISE AGAIN before he drove off.

Myself and another customer turned and made almost the same comment at the same time, something along the lines of:

“What a d**khead!”

I have nothing against fast cars of any shape or colour. I have noticed more and more Ferraris and the like in Wapping of late. Or is it just me?

And I do know why boys rev their toys in public places. I used to have a loud motorbike. But I grew up.

Food banks or Ferraris

Looking at the gleaming red Ferrari that MADE LOTS OF NOISE I wondered out loud if it was really appropriate to be showing off how big and red and expensive and NOISY your car is in Wapping when we need food banks to feed people in our borough?

And that’s ignoring the fact that it is just plain rude to REV YOUR CAR so much that people can’t hear themselves order another flat white. (A first world problem if ever there was one).

I also made a remark about “boys and their toys” and wondered out loud if such a blatant expression of wealth was a good thing. I have nothing against money or people doing good for themselves and buying what they want – but i do have an issue with wealth being shoved down my throat. Or ear in this case.

At this point another (ageing) male customer came over to myself and my new found friend. He was obviously not happy that we had dared to criticise the LOUD RED EXPENSIVE car owner.

How much is that Ferrari in the window?

He seemed to defend the driver of the LOUD car by suggesting that it was probably a secondhand Ferrari.

[Pause for laughter.]

Having little knowledge of car prices but having a feeling that Ferraris often appreciate in value I paid little attention to the ‘secondhand’ comment. I did check later on though and found that you can you can buy a new Ferrari 458 Spider from £197,852 or if you are bit tight for cash buy a secondhand Ferrari Spider for £164,950 and so save yourself just over £30,000. Presumably a tank of petrol is included in the price.

Defender of LOUD Ferrari owner person’s main point seemed to be that we (my new chum and I) were against people having money. We said that it was the ostentatious display of money by REVVING YOUR CAR A LOT that was the issue.

Ageing male customer just didn’t want to argue with both of us (tough!) so made the huge mistake of trying to blank me out. Oops. And he definitely didn’t like it when I called him out on this. After only a few short attempts to state his point of view and not listen to the opposing argument (yawn) he walked away from the argument.


Anyway it was nice to make a new friend (the nice lady who agreed with me) – that’s what Wapping is about. Not flashing your cash.

A food bank
A food bank

If you have a lot of money, or even a little, that you would like to use and don’t want a red Ferrari you can always check out our best chums at Tower Hamlets Foodbank. They rock! (And they do it without showing off.)

And finally it seems that others may feel the same way about the ostentatious display of wealth.


Photograph of Ferrari 458 Italia by IFCAR – Own work. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Photograph of food on shelving Copyright Tower Hamlets Foodbank.

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