Wapping cygnets flying higher and higher

The Wapping cygnets are flying higher and higher along and above the canal. But some are still having slight problems judging distance.

The photos below show a take-off run towards Vaughan Way bridge – and one of the cygnets overshooting Vaughan Way and landing just short of Hermitage Basin. Fortunately there were no vehicles passing at the time.

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One of our Wapping Wildlife Rangers (Cygnet Division) spent some time herding the cygnet back into the canal – video of cygnet herding coming soon.

These photos are for all the lovely people I meet when taking photographs along our canal. Great to meet you all.


One thought on “Wapping cygnets flying higher and higher

  1. Very emotional to see the cygnets flying away!
    We would go and visit them couple of times a week to feed them since May when we first saw the cute troupe. But recently we have been anxious after noticing some of the cygnets missing until realising today that all of the cygnets left!
    A bit relieved to learn leaving the nest is part of their natural behaviour, but at the same time a bit sad we will not see them anymore…
    We wonder where they are now… Hopefully safe and sound 🙂

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