Twelve trees felled for London Dock HGV entrance

A total of twelve trees have been felled in Vaughan Way to facilitate the construction of London Dock and particularly the new HGV entrance.

All that remains are twelve piles of wood chips.

Here is a before and after view from the north end of Vaughan Way near the junction with The Highway looking south.



As these photographs were being taken a local resident was also viewing the now barren Vaughan Way.

“It’s disgusting,” he said. “Maybe they do have to cut down the trees but why now? Why couldn’t they wait until construction really started?”

And here are some more photographs showing the scene in more detail.


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For those interested in planning issues in London this article by Oliver Wainwright of The Guardian is highly recommended.The truth about property developers: how they are exploiting planning authorities and ruining our cities

London Dock is not mentioned and there is no allegation that any of these tactics were used by St. George when applying for planning permission for London Dock.


One thought on “Twelve trees felled for London Dock HGV entrance

  1. Wanton destruction – that is my opinion of what has been done with the felling of these trees. The Thomas More site developers managed to build and retain the trees on the opposite side of Vaughan Way. I find it quite painful to view this action. It happened so suddenly – almost overnight!

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