Trees felled for London Dock HGVs

It has been a disastrous few days for the green lungs of East London. First the news that King Edward Memorial Park is going to be trashed by the Thames Water suits and today the Vaughan Way trees started to be felled.

Moved to tears

A resident passing by was moved to tears by what she saw and had  to resist the urge to stage a one woman protest then and there. Have a look at these photos and you will see why.

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It is not clear exactly how many of the trees will be chopped down, but around nine had permission notices from Tower Hamlets council pinned to them. We will check the situation over the next day or two.

Thanks for nothing

Oh and remember it was the Tower Hamlets planning department who came up with the idea of a HGV entrance in Vaughan Way apparently. Thanks for that.

Apart from the wounding of our lovely avenue of trees two other things became immediately apparent.

Firstly there was a steady stream of pedestrians having to cross from the east side of Vaughan Way to the west side.

Secondly there was immediate disruption to traffic. See photos of the two D100 buses who arrived at the same time – the only way one could get past was driving up onto the pavement.

Keep an eye on London Dock

None of the above is good. As the London Dock development continues we all need to keep an eye out for what is going on. We don’t Wapping destroyed by those who want to ‘develop’ it.

Less trees, more lorries. Go figure.

2 thoughts on “Trees felled for London Dock HGVs

  1. Mark, I notice at least 3 of the London Plain trees further down Vaughn Way (opposite Waitrose’s back yard)_have also been pruned back to the wood! I’ll be keeping an eye on them…. If they are removed them that entrance to the site will be encroaching on the flats!!!!!

    1. Think that was done at the request of the people who look after the lovely Quay 430 garden there to provide more light.

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