Mayor Lutfur Rahman to spend £1.2m on PR advisers

According to PR Week  [subscription required] ‘the London Borough of Tower Hamlets has issued a tender for seven communications advisers to controversial mayor Lutfur Rahman, with a value of up to £1.2m in total.’

In case you were wondering a ‘communications adviser’ is a PR person. Also known as a spin doctor in political circles.

Here is what PR week says about the tender:

“The work, for advisory services to the mayor and cabinet members “on developing initiatives, projects and work programmes”, is divided into seven lots covering different areas.

Two posts cover media relations, with one position advising on “media management” and the other on “communities’ communication and media” specialising in the BME and Bangladeshi media.

A council spokeswoman said the number of PR roles had not changed and there had always been two, adding that agencies could bid for one or more lots but the last set of posts was held by different individuals and not an agency.

Other lots cover the localism agenda, equalities briefs focusing on women and diverse communities, and roles advising on engaging with young people and the Somali community.

The upper end of the entire contract, including all seven posts, is worth £1.2m if the contract runs for three-and-a-half years.

The initial contract is for 12 months with three potential annual extensions, subject to the availability of funding. The anticipated start date is 12 November 2014.”

Good to know that the Mayor and his crew still value the role of good PR.

Sad that the current Tower Hamlets First administration doesn’t quite realise that to get good PR you first have to do something, well, good.

Tricky one.

Others would argue that the Mayor needs a lot more than seven PR people. Maybe 70? 700? One PR person for every Tower Hamlets resident? They could just sit outside your door and read ‘East End Life’ to you.  Sounds like a plan.


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