London Dock public meeting today Tuesday 23rd September 5-8 PM

There is rumour of a London Dock meeting / drop-in session for Wapping residents on Tuesday 23rd September 5-8 PM. We say ‘rumour’ as there is nothing to be seen on the London Dock consultation website although residents adjacent to the site (e.g. Quay 430) have been sent a letter.

If someone could email Love Wapping a copy of this letter its contents can be reproduced here.

What can be said is that there is a meeting / drop-in session tomorrow Tuesday 22nd September between 5pm and 8pm in the ‘eastern end of the Pennington Street warehouse’.

Why not turn up and see what the meeting’s about? Well, it would be rude not to.

Update: Got this in response to an email to London Dock:

“There is a drop in event tomorrow evening for neighbouring residents, to provide an update regarding the construction and demolition processes and to provide details of some upcoming minor planning amendments.”

Sounds fun although no mention of any posh biscuits <sigh>

Update update: Got date wrong before – meeting is today Tuesday 23rd (previously wrote Tuesday 22nd. Doh!)

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