KEMP – another victim of Thames Water’s greed

Although details are still sketchy it seems that King Edward Memorial Park is to be destroyed to satisfy Thames Water’s drive for profits. To add insult to injury every Thames Water customer will have another £80 a year to their bill so that Thames Water can pay for their ‘supersewer’.

Save King Edward Memorial Park
King Edward Memorial Park – doomed?

Every Londoner agrees that the Thames needs cleaning up but Thames Water’s approach is outdated and will destroy King Edward Memorial Park (KEMP) in the process.

King Edward Memorial Park – the back garden of the East End

Most people in the East End do not have a back garden of their own so King Edward Memorial Park makes a fine substitute.

It seems Hammersmith and Fulham Council may be seeking a judicial review of the decision – maybe Tower Hamlets Council will taking the same action?

The full decision is hundreds of pages long (link to full report below) and so precise details of what will happen to KEMP are still being scrutinised by the Save KEMP team – when they provide us with an update we will let you know. An extract from the report can be found on this page – raw copy so not pretty. Sorry!

In the meantime go and enjoy King Edward Memorial Park this weekend because soon you won’t be able to.

But then we just live here so what do our views matter?

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