Wapping cygnets learning to fly on the canal

In recent days the five Wapping cygnets have started learning to fly. Every day for the last few weeks our crack only Love Wapping camera crew has been aimlessly patrolling up and down the canal hoping to see some flight action.

This morning our dedicated volunteers, all of them, were rewarded by two bursts of flying activity.

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The above shots are a combination of photos from a one second burst of flying (after a two hour wait) and then another whole six seconds of flying a little later.

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The flying lessons are brief and explosive and quite messy – but wonderful to watch.

5 thoughts on “Wapping cygnets learning to fly on the canal

  1. Hi Mark, just checking the swans are ok – I only saw one cygnet today with the parents and no sign of the other four. Thanks.

    1. Yes the others have flown the nest – literally! Think the remaining one is either lazy or too fat to fly, or both. Will see how it does.

  2. On my walk home today I spotted what looked like a thick fishing line or similar around the body of one of the five cygnets. It didn’t seem to harm it at the moment as it was swimming around with the rest of the family but it would definitely prevent it from spreading its wings. I couldn’t take a photo as I didn’t have my phone with me but perhaps you could pass this on to someone who could take a look? Thanks

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