Tower Hamlets elections – details of allegations against Mayor Lutfur by High Court petitioners emerge

Ted Jeory gives the thumbs up.
Ted Jeory gives the thumbs up.

Thanks to Ted Jeory who tweets breaking news even when he is on holiday some details are beginning to surface of the allegations against Mayor Lutfur Rahman by the High Court petitioners who consider the elections should be run again.

For those of you who have never met Ted he is the one behind the thumb in the photo (left).

Here are Ted’s tweets courtesy of Storify.


As ever Mr Jeory you give us such interesting things to read!
So to recap:
  • Ted is on holiday (allegedly)
  • Alleged by petitioners that LBTH employees were told they’d lose their jobs if they didn’t secure 100 votes each for Lutfur
  • Alleged that Lutfur told his party activists to ‘fill up to 250 postal vote application forms each’. Lutfur denies
  • Alleged organisations given council grants were ‘used corruptly to organise electoral fraud’, that these orgs told they’d lose grants if not
  • Lutfur denies all allegations. Q possibly a full hearing later this year

Shocked and appalled

Obviously those of us at Love Wapping HQ were shocked and appalled when we read these tweets – surely something so naughty could not happen in our wonderful borough of Tower Hamlets?

A little story called ‘Greenbankgate’

Then all the staff actually read the Love Wapping blog for once and remembered a teeny weeny story called ‘Greenbankgate’ about an odd incident with three mysterious women knocking on the door of our HQ and asking how Mayor Lutfur could help us and also remembered that this is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Metropolitan Police Service and so none of the Love Wapping staff could possibly comment.

Until called upon to give evidence in court.

And then it’s not comment, but statement of facts, innit?

It’s those Council grants again

As all the Love Wapping staff sit outside Best One in Wapping Lane waiting to read the national newspaper coverage is of the Tower Hamlets elections saga we talked about the allegations mentioned in these tweets and decided that the most juiciest one has to be allegations that organisations given council grants were ‘used corruptly to organise electoral fraud’ and that these organisations [were] told they’d lose grants if they did not do what was required of them.

Council grants? I seem to remember someone mentioning Council grants…. oh yes! Mr Gilligan mentioned something in the Telegraph and what else? Something to do with the BBC was it? Panorama or something? Oh yes! Mr Ware and his team produced a most illuminating documentary about Mayor Lutfur and the whole grants thing which you can still watch if you missed it first time round. 

Mayor Lutfur was regretting his decision to talk to a voter.
Mayor Lutfur was regretting his decision to talk to a voter.
For those of us who live in Tower Hamlets the main revelation was that Mayor Lutfur is actually capable of answering questions. Amazing. Wonder if he will ever do that in Council?
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