Mayor Lutfur spends £128,000 trying to block BBC Panorama documentary

Ah what it is to be so rich you can blow £128,000.  You could get 25,000 Doner kebabs for that – and chips. Or a very nice Mercedes. Or go travelling round the world for a few years. All sound ideas.

But our dear Mayor Lutfur decided that he would blow £128,000 on hiring fancy lawyers and PR people to try and stop the BBC Panorama documentary ‘The Mayor and Our Money’.

Döner Kebab in_Istanbul photo by Matt @ PEK
Döner Kebab in_Istanbul photo by Matt @ PEK

A believer in financial prudence?

Mayor Lutfur being a great believer in financial prudence he decided not to spend £128,000 of his own money but yours. The long suffering residents of Tower Hamlets.

If you have yet to watch ‘The Mayor and Our Money’ you can pop over to BBC iPlayer and still see it.

F!!!**??$$$ you !!!!??@***!!!

The fact that you can see it obviously means that the £128,000 possibly not the best use of Tower Hamlets cash this year.

The more cynical might call it vanity spending. Many in the East End would call it a f!!!**??$$$ waste of my &!!?&^%$!! you !!!!??@***!!!. Or words that effect.

‘Breathtaking hypocrisy’

Cllr. Peter Golds, Tower Hamlets council Conservative group leader published this press statement today:

Cllr. Peter Golds
Cllr. Peter Golds

“The council’s hypocrisy is breathtaking. They [Tower Hamlets First administration] claim ensuring political balance of programmes is not their responsibility, despite having spent over £128,000 ostensibly for that very purpose. The reality is the taxpayers’ money was used to try and prevent the Mayor being subject to any criticism.”

The statement goes on to state precise costs:

  • Known fees totalling £128,469.10 were paid to lawyers
  • Taylor Wessing – £81,924.70
  • Lobbyists Champollion – £41,144.40
  • Queens Council – £5,400

Apparently this total excludes one month’s invoice from Champollion, for an unconfirmed amount.

The council says the expenditure was necessary to ensure “that the BBC comply fully with their obligations.”

Get those obligations complied with – right now!

Love Wapping’s Political Editor wondered if the BBC might launch in enquiry into Tower Hamlets council to see if it ‘complies fully with its obligations’?

Then he realised the BBC had – the most excellent BBC Panorama documentary ‘The Mayor and Our Money’!

For more on this story please do visit Trial by Jeory, lots more detail there.


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