London Dock Community Update

Courtesy of Wapping Conservatives please find below a link to a copy of the London Dock Community Update August 2014 from St. George, the developers of the old News International print works. Seems that construction for Phase 1 of London Dock is about to start.
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Demolition of News International print works, Wapping
Demolition of News International print works, Wapping

According to the newsletter the work that has already been done (apart from the knocking down thing) includes:

  • Erection of hoardings
  • Removal of car park tarmac
  • Digging multiple trial holes (for establishing contamination and water level)
  • Works to site cabins and welfare facilities for workers

Work that is just about to start is:

  • Piling rigs on site to undertake the secant piling of the basement boundary wall
  • Creation of a new pedestrian walkway tunnel along the east side of Vaughan Way
  • The opening of an additional construction vehicle access on to Vaughan Way in accordance with the Construction Management Plan
  • Diggers commencing excavation of the basement

New pedestrian walkway tunnel?

Hang on – “Creation of a new pedestrian walkway tunnel along the east side of Vaughan Way”?

What’s this? Anyone else heard of this before? If so let the rest of us know.

Presumably this is needed because of the ‘surprise’ HGV entrance in Vaughan Way – which now seems to be a foregone conclusion. Is it? If it is could the rest of us be told please?

I have not checked the status of the trees that were being trimmed last week – so think I will do that right now.

Wapping Conservatives are of the opinion that this is connected to the community garden by Quay 430.

So all the trees will have been trimmed along that side of Vaughan Way, not just the ones where the HGV entrance will be.

View of three trees after removal of branches, Vaughan Way, London Dock, E1W
View of three trees after removal of branches, Vaughan Way, London Dock, E1W

Update 16:55 hrs

Went up to Vaughan Way and had a look at all the trees. Yes some of the trees by the lovely community garden by Quay 430 have been trimmed back.

But the only other trees in Vaughan Way that have been trimmed are the three trees pictured above where the vehicle entrance for London Dock is planned.

Odd that.

So let’s keep an eye on this and see what happens.

Jobs available at London Dock

As promised there are work opportunities at London Dock. According to the newsletter:

“We are working with Skillsmatch to recruit locally. There are currently job opportunities available for demolition labourers and graduate quantity surveyors. Those interested in applying for either of these posts should directly contact Skillsmatch on 020 7364 372 or contact 100 people are currently working on site including 14 local people working in roles from labourers and traffic marshalls to administration and surveying professionals. Two local residents have also completed their work experience at London Dock. They shadowed site managers and spent time with the different contractors learning about the various trades on site. A local resident will also be employed in the coming weeks as a business administration apprentice to provide support to the project office.”


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