International Bat Night 30-31st August

It’s here folks! International Bat Night! Hooray!  No doubt you have all been eagerly awaiting this milestone event where you can indulge your passion for bats – and if you find vampire bats they can indulge their passion for you. Nice.

International Bat Night

International Bat Night is a celebration of bats held by bat groups across the UK and the Bat Conservation Trust, to coincide with International Bat Night (formerly European Bat Night) which is organised by Eurobats.

Big eared townsend bat (Corynorhinus townsendii)
Big eared townsend bat (Corynorhinus townsendii)

All you have to do is find some bats. Easy.

Or is it?

Yes it is! Wapping Wildlife Rangers always spend International Bat Night on Wapping Green as there are loads a bats there. Just stand on the Green at dusk (or dawn) and look up and soon you will see bats zooming around.  Many of the houses and flats either side of the canal have bats as they do like water.

Wapping Batsters

In addition to Wapping Green (right by Love Wapping HQ) there are many other places in and around Wapping that have bats galore, you just need to go looking for them and keep your eyes open. One advantage of the Green is that it is also where the Turners Old Star happens to be. So no going thirsty for you Wapping batsters.

Bats are amazing creatures – did you know they can hear a ladybird on a leaf? Impressive, huh?

Bats are almost impossible to photograph without specialist equipment but it is possible to video them. Just mount a video camera (or phone) on a tripod, point it up into the sky near the trees on the Green and wait. Eventually bats will fly into view.

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