Anyone fancy a trip to China to see pandas?

You may recall that our local Chinese cuisine culinary star Jason Li has been featured in the Daily Telegraph over the last few weeks.


By a happy coincidence Jason just happens to live on the same landing as Love Wapping HQ so it is quite easy for all of us here, especially the Culinary Division, to keep in touch.

Seems there is a chance to win a trip to Chengdu in China to see panda town – you can guess what the star attraction is. No, not the Wapping Fox (or even the Wapping Mole) but pandas!

All you need to do is pop over to the Daily Telegraph site here and do the competition entry thing.

Help the pandas

Or you could help the pandas by going along to a Daily Telegraph presentation by wildlife TV presenter Nigel Marven and Jason about Wendy Wu tours who organise trips where you can help feed and wash the pandas and clean their enclosures. Not sure about the enclosure cleaning to be honest but…

And if you do not fancy wandering off to Chengdu for free then on the same page you can see lots more of Jason’s amazing recipes.

So either way you win.

Disclosure: Love Wapping staff have in no way been enticed to create this post. Honest. Not a bit. (Amazing dim sum Jason!)




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