Monday is cancelled in Wapping due to Le Tour de France

As you probably know Le Tour de Yorkshire France is coming to London tomorrow Monday 7th July and the riders will be zooming along the Highway.

So best advice to Wapping residents is to cancel Monday and stay in bed.

And don’t set light to your flat. Or need to get to hospital in a rush. Fortunately if you need the MPS Marine Police that will be no problem at all.

Like the Olympics. But not.

If for some strange reason you need to leave Wapping to go to work / see people / shop then er…. well just think Olympics without the Army. And only for a day.

TdF-Wapping-Featured TdF-Wapping-Map


Handy map huh? Or not. If you want more information about the Tour de Yorkshire France then you can have a look at the TfL site here or the Tower Hamlets website here.

Hussey’s Packed Lunch Deals

On the bright side although Wapping will become an island again a short walk up Wapping Lane will bring you to The Highway were you can watch Le  Tour de Yorkshire France zoom past! It’s like the London Marathon but with no runners.

It’s great fun to see and Hussey’s are doing special packed lunch deals too. Pop in for Le Packed Lunch.

Apart from the bicycling thing Le Tour de Yorkshire France also features a huge publicity caravan before the riders and they give out promotional goodies. Rumours that Le  Tour de Yorkshire France was originally going to be on 22nd May during the elections but was postponed due to the risk of free votes being handed out are completely untrue.

First caravan vehicles will be going past Le Wapping along Le Highway at around Le 13.30 it seems and Le cyclists de Le Tour de Yorkshire France just after le 15.00 de le clock.

A Big Caravan.

Yes – it does take two hours for Le Tour de Yorkshire France caravan to go past. It is that big. If not bigger. Think Le huge!

Le enjoy!

P.S. If you try and find any information about Le Tour de Yorkshire France stage in London you will be presented with numerous variations of a glossy tourist brochure for Yorkshire. Pretty but no use whatsoever if you live in Le London.



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