Wapping Wander on Sunday 08 June anyone? (yes this Sunday)

Oh. Headline says it all really. No need for the rest of this. But anyway…

Anyone fancy a Wapping Wander on Sunday 08 June? (yes this Sunday).

Short notice? Yeah, sort of. Sorry. Wanders have been suspended for some while due to (a) me not being able to walk and (b) stuff.

What’s a Wapping Wander?

This is what we have done in previous wanders. Wandering. In Wapping.

Meet 12.15 Wapping Green move off 12.30

Meet 12.15 at Wapping Green move off 12.30 and wander will go to… somewhere else. I was thinking of maybe a look at the various developments in Wapping? Something like…

  • London Dock (News International as was) and the demolition work there.
  • 21 Wapping Lane – seen the fab work they have done landscaping next to the canal? No? Well you should! It’s great.
  • Wapping Overground station – all that concrete above the station. What’s going on there?
  • Phoenix Wharf / King Henrys Wharf – what’s going on there? Planning permission granted but subject to a decent access statement.
  • St Patricks church development in Dundee Street – something is happening there. What?


Or we could just go and look at birdies! Previous wanders have turned into local history tours, real time demonstrations of the problems of getting around Wapping if you use a wheelchair, we were supposed to talk about bridges at one point, all sorts.

Either way I think we should get Wapping Wanders going again, just turn up and wander. Simples.

12.15 Wapping Green Sunday 8th June

Come along. You get to meet people and often learn something. Busy? Don’t worry we can do another one soon.


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