A Perfect Storm – will Wapping be choked by new developments?

New building developments across Wapping
New building developments across Wapping

News that the development of London Dock may require another vehicle entrance in Vaughan Way has highlighted an issue that could affect everyone in Wapping.

A Perfect Storm

There are currently four building developments planned or underway in Wapping. Each will cause disruption to both pedestrians and vehicles but all combined could create a ‘perfect storm’ of congestion that would choke Wapping.

A fundamental part of Wapping’s character is that you cannot drive (or walk) north – south. You can only drive across Wapping via Wapping High Street. Narrow main streets and really narrow side streets are not designed for cars or lorries.

Which is fine. Until there is a need to develop areas and a consequent need for access by lorries.

The King Henry’s Wharves / Phoenix Wharf development is a classic example as it threatens to chop Wapping in half and proposes diverting the 100 bus down Green Bank.

Add to this London Dock suddenly remembering a need for 100 vehicle (lorry) movements a day at the top of Vaughan Way.

Throw in the upcoming development at St. Patrick’s Church that will mainly impact Wapping High Street and Green Bank.

Then add in the long awaited development of the Tobacco Dock Hotel.

Result? Four developments combining to create one massive problem for everyone in Wapping. The diagram at the top of the page is an attempt to show how all the different extra demands on the roads might combine to create gridlock. (OK, Wapping’s roads are nothing like a grid, but you get the idea.)

Overlap of these different projects will vary and so will the subsequent problems.

The irony is that developers are attracted to Wapping because of its unique character. And the same developers may destroy Wapping in their bid to exploit it.

Vaughan Way entrance drop-in session

Don’t forget London Dock is holding a drop-in session this Thursday 26 June between 5pm and 8pm. Everyone should attend and make their views known.

More information

A detailed analysis of the nonsense that is the Vaughan Way / London Dock proposal can be found over on Pootling Paul’s site. [External link]

Our new Councillor Julia Dockerill has done a great job of engaging with the Council about the Vaughan Way / London Dock issue and posting lots of information [External link] on the Wapping Conservatives website.


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    1. Last thing I heard was that approval was dependent on a sensible access plan (i.e. one that does not chop Wapping in half). Pootling Paul is the planning expert though, best ask him 🙂

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