Peregrine falcons at 21 Wapping Lane?

Do you live in 21 Wapping Lane?

Have you seen any falcons knocking around on your balcony?

Our Wildlife Ranger Hawk Spotting Team were all out for an evening walk when they think they spotted at least two, maybe three peregrine falcons flying around 21 Wapping Lane (north block).

Two of the falcons were having an argument over something (probably prey) and for a brief moment alighted on a balcony on the north block about two thirds of the way up then zoomed off south.

So if you were having your dinner this evening and thought you saw two not particularly big but definitely falconĀ like birds on your balcony having a good squeak at each other – you did!

In case you were not aware the peregrine falcons have been nesting just north of The Highway in the church tower for some time and can be seen if you look up all the time. And get lucky. And don’t walk into the canal.

These pics were taken last year on a phone – that close. Impressive huh?

Peregrine falcon
Peregrine falcon

And yes they are all called Perry. E. Grin. What else?

Obviously if the falcons decide to nest in one of the balconies at 21 Wapping Lane the whole complex will have to be evacuated* as they are a protected species. Sorry about that. You see to a falcon your flat is just another cliff face. Might be shiny, might have central heating, but it’s still a cliff face.

Here are some more photographs taken around the same time as the ones above when the falcons were spotted on the masts of the pirate ships at Tobacco Dock.

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If you do see them let us all know, it is a fantastic sight! Just don’t expect anything the size of an eagle.

(*Editors note: Joke. About the evacuation. But the falcons are protected.)

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