London Dock Vaughan Way – time to get vocal Wapping

This is not a proper report on the drop in event last night hosted by London Dock concerning the possibility of another vehicle entrance in Vaughan Way.

It is a request for you to get in touch with your views.

Possible London Dock entrance Vaughan Way
Possible London Dock entrance Vaughan Way

What do you think?

You can do this by using the contact form or the usual email address

Can’t promise to include all comments and normal editorial rules will apply. Ranters – just don’t bother.

It was good to see both our Councillors at the event and a good number of people who were well informed and had strong views. Thanks also to the representative of Tower Hamlets Planning.

A minor detail

Noticeable by their absence was anyone from Transport for London [External link]. Odd as adding 100 lorry movements a day into the junction of Vaughan Way and The Highway will probably bring instant gridlock to the capital.

Minor detail that maybe has been overlooked?


Your thoughts

Here are some of the responses sent in by you.


“I wasn’t at the meeting but I really don’t support this access point. Also don’t they need planning permission, I want the opportunity to formally log my objection, I’m not terrably interested in consulting with them. I’m concerned about the extra traffic at the junction with the highway mostly. I’ve made several complaints about the light sequence and pedestrian crossing at this junction over the past period, all falling on deaf ears. The pedestrian set up is awful, it’s impossible to cross and is dangerous already. Site traffic is going to exaggerate the issue. My second area of concern is the length of time this development will take. 15 years is a long time to have this amount of site traffic flying through our neighbourhood.”

Helen Lynch

“Yesterday at 1545 I attempted to cross from north of The Highway to Vaughan Way. There was backlogged traffic turning left from Dock Street and several vehicles turning right from Vaughan Way. I was only able to start crossing when this traffic cleared with 10 seconds to get across. Even without the additional entrance and increased frequency of lorries, it is sometimes nearly impossible for a pedestrian to get across this junction. We need a yellow box at this junction – enforced and a wider time interval to cross. Additionally, I had a look at where the bikes are and noticed that the trees are uniformly spaced along this area. Did the proposal suggest removing any trees to allow site access?”

Ann Murphy

“Why were there no people from TfL at the meeting? I had some experience of their incompetence over the Olympic route, I would not be surprised if they have no idea about this and what it might mean for us. Clueless.”

(Name withheld on request)


Many thanks!

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