“UK Conservative party running radical Islamist candidate in next week’s elections”

There’s a headline for you. Not mine. Not about Wapping. Or even Tower Hamlets. It refers to Newham.

Ignore this, read that

The news story by David Jennings writing in the Canada Free Press gives the best overview I have heard so far as to what is going on in our neighbouring borough. A must read. In fact I urge you to ignore the rest of this post and read the original article.  Duplicate links in one sentence. I never do that.

Here’s a quote.

“Tory agent Chris Buckwell told Breitbart London, “We are appealing to the Muslim community, as we appeal to other communities in other areas. We have no apology for this. We have had ex-Respect candidates for years… we have a former Respect Mayoral candidate for Newham, former Liberal Democrats, a former independent… we are all friends together”.

This is disingenuous at best. And to label all followers of Islam with one convenient tag, ‘the Muslim community’ is offensive. Why not appeal to “the Christian community? Who on earth would that include?

Semantics apart it seems Newham Tories are desperate to win and have abandoned their principles to do so. Wonder what Winston or Maggie would think of this?

Back story seems to be that Newham Conservatives have knowingly allowed Entryism for purely local party political gains. (Mr Jennings puts it more forcibly.) The core of all this is the opposition by Sr Robin Wales (directly elected Mayor of Newham, Labour) to the building a the ‘London Markaz’ or ‘Mega Mosque’.

The Sunday Express covered this story last week.

All this baffles me as the Conservative councillors (both elected and prospective) I know in Tower Hamlets are good people who only wish to serve their community. And take a lot of abuse for trying to do so. Watch a video of any Tower Hamlets council meeting.

Victory at any cost?

Trouble is if Newham Conservatives are happy to betray their principles in order to win at all costs they will destroy the Conservative Party in the process. And I don’t mean the local Conservatives Party organisations. I mean the UK Conservatives Party which, last time I checked, is in power.


What is going on in Newham?

All may not be well in Tower Hamlets Conservatives though as reported in the Evening Standard and Trial by Jeory during the week.

Quite where all this  is going I have no idea whatsoever. I have no wish whatsoever to allow Love Wapping to become embroiled in commenting on national political issues and intend to leave it to the professionals like Ted Jeory. Unless it impacts Wapping. And believe me all this does.

More important than a General Election

With a crucial vote in Tower Hamlets only a few days away you have to consider this.

When you vote for a candidate for Mayor or local councillor who are you really voting for?

Get yourself informed, get the vote out. The result of the elections this Thursday 22nd May will have far more impact on your life than a General Election.

Note: More than happy to publish a response from the Conservative Party to this story.




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