Sankey diagram of grant money flows Tower Hamlets council

This Sankey diagram is an example of the tortuous route that funding takes inside Tower Hamlets council before it even gets out the Town Hall's front door. The top row shows the different stages or 'pots' the funds flow through from left to right: Directorate > Service > Division > Responsible Unit > Expense Type > Supplier Name.
  • Click and drag the coloured rectangles in the diagram to explore the flows.
  • Hover over the rectangles or flows to see details of funding amounts.
  • The original data can be seen in the table further down the page.
Responsible Unit
Expense Type
Supplier Name

Data Sources

Original: Tower Hamlets council Payments to Suppliers over £500.

Scrubbed: Download in CSV format 10kb

How complicated can it be to give a charity a grant?

A Sankey diagram is a particular type of directional flow chart where the width of the streams is proportional to the quantity of the flow. The diagram is read from left to right and different flows - in this case of grants and funding - are seen to combine and split through a series of stages.

This Sankey diagram shows the flow of grants and funding to The Rooted Forum (TRF) within Tower Hamlets council. That's right, within the council. Only at the far right does the diagram show that the funding reaches TRF. Complicated, isn't it?

There should be a further stage after the funding reaches TRF, what exactly happens to the funding. That is not shown in the Tower Hamlets data.


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"One of the benefits to the community in publishing this data is that it means that our spending will come under greater scrutiny by local people. We hope it will inform people about what we do, and encourage people to challenge how we spend money. It is your money and we welcome comments." Tower Hamlet council
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